Tattoos That Describe You

For this assignment, we were given the task to create a tattoo that represents our personality type. We have to talk about are tattoo, and what it means to me. If there is anything superstitious about your tattoo, share it with us. That tattoo that describes me is the two words, “All Things”. These two words… Continue reading Tattoos That Describe You

Weekly Post #5

Out of the five weeks we’ve had in CPSC 106, I would say this week would probably be my favorite because I was able to create a beat for one of the assignments. This week has also been the most work out of the five weeks we’ve had so far. On top of that I… Continue reading Weekly Post #5

Create A Radio Bumper

For the Radio Bumper assignment, we were assigned to create a 10-30 second short audio that announces the radio station that is played between songs to remind listeners what they are tuned in to. Hope you enjoy!

Creating Different Type Of Beats

For my last assignment this week I chose to complete “Create Different types of beats”. This is the most exciting assignment I’ve done this week just because I make all different types of beats in real life but the beat Ive chose to make for this assignment is a hip hop/hyper pop type beat that… Continue reading Creating Different Type Of Beats

Moon Graffiti

Abumrads ideas relate here because he talks about the radio being able to make a personal connection to the listener and able to give the listener ideas to create in their head about what they’re listening to. He talks about radio lacking image is in a way “beautiful”. Were able to see this play out… Continue reading Moon Graffiti