Point of View

For this 5 star assignment, I had to record a video no longer than 90 seconds from the point of view of my character. I recorded myself walking my friends dog named Luna. She’s still a puppy so she gets distracted very easily as you will see in the video.

Weekly Summer #9

This week was not bad with CPSC 106. Most of the assignments we completed were going back and revisiting past assignments, and also connecting a theme across 3 of our daily creates. It was a great experience completing unique assignments that we don’t typically work on. It helped me learn a lot with my creative… Continue reading Weekly Summer #9

Revisit Your Work

The First assignment I resisted was the Creating Different Type Of Beats assignment. for this assignment, I created a hip hop/hyper pop type beat that had a lot of energy. For my revision of this assignment, I created an R&B type beat that had more feeling in it. I reworked this assignment because I wanted… Continue reading Revisit Your Work

Weekly Summary #8

This week felt really good in cpsc106. My group and I finished our podcasts( Completed Radio Show) it was a great experience. I learned how to make a podcasts and structure it which was really cool. I also completed two daily creates this week. My favorite one was Your First Tweet . I made me… Continue reading Weekly Summary #8