Week 12 Summary

This week we had to complete 3 daily creates: Make a cow Elevenie poem, Who’s agent 106? , and Draw a bird the way Miro would have done, 2 remix assignments: Haiku [Remixed]: Cancer Sucks, and DS106 Product Review [Remixed]: Fox News. Finally, we had to complete 8 stars worth of assignments for this week.… Continue reading Week 12 Summary

DS106 Product Review [Remixed]: Fox News

For this assignment remix I had to write a product review for a netgear router but the key is I had to exaggerate the review! enjoy! This Netgear Router is AMAZING! The Setup is very, very easy and fast! The best part about this deal is that you get wifi 6 for less than $100.Since… Continue reading DS106 Product Review [Remixed]: Fox News

Week 11 Summary

This weeks assignments gave me the ability to get creative in film and editing. Im glad I had the opportunity to learn with these assignments. This week I completed 3 assignments:Activity Time Lapse, 5 Second Clip, Everyday Modern Marvels. My favorite assignment I completed out of the 3 was the Everyday Modern Marvels. I was… Continue reading Week 11 Summary