Week 12 Summary

This week we had to complete 3 daily creates: Make a cow Elevenie poem, Who’s agent 106? , and Draw a bird the way Miro would have done, 2 remix assignments: Haiku [Remixed]: Cancer Sucks, and DS106 Product Review [Remixed]: Fox News. Finally, we had to complete 8 stars worth of assignments for this week.… Continue reading Week 12 Summary

Week 11 Summary

This weeks assignments gave me the ability to get creative in film and editing. Im glad I had the opportunity to learn with these assignments. This week I completed 3 assignments:Activity Time Lapse, 5 Second Clip, Everyday Modern Marvels. My favorite assignment I completed out of the 3 was the Everyday Modern Marvels. I was… Continue reading Week 11 Summary

Week 10 Summary

This weeks assignments gave me the ability to step more out of my comfort zones into film and editing. Im glad I had the opportunity to gain experience with these assignments. One cool thing about the video analysis assignment is that im taking a cinema class this semester so that class helped me alot with… Continue reading Week 10 Summary

Weekly Summer #9

This week was not bad with CPSC 106. Most of the assignments we completed were going back and revisiting past assignments, and also connecting a theme across 3 of our daily creates. It was a great experience completing unique assignments that we don’t typically work on. It helped me learn a lot with my creative… Continue reading Weekly Summer #9

Weekly Summary #8

This week felt really good in cpsc106. My group and I finished our podcasts( Completed Radio Show) it was a great experience. I learned how to make a podcasts and structure it which was really cool. I also completed two daily creates this week. My favorite one was Your First Tweet . I made me… Continue reading Weekly Summary #8

Weekly Summary #7

This Week we had to complete 3 daily creates, 2 audio assignments and also show progress on our teams podcasts project. This week for my daily creates I completed Draw the house of the Future , Picture Yourself on Mars , and What Happened Before or After This Scene? . The daily create I enjoyed… Continue reading Weekly Summary #7

Weekly Post #6

Finishing up Week #6 We completed many design projects this week. Even with our daily creates it pushed us to be more creative and see the world from a different lens. My most exciting weekly assignment I completed was the Vogue challenge because it was something me and my friend never finished a year ago… Continue reading Weekly Post #6

Weekly Post #5

Out of the five weeks we’ve had in CPSC 106, I would say this week would probably be my favorite because I was able to create a beat for one of the assignments. This week has also been the most work out of the five weeks we’ve had so far. On top of that I… Continue reading Weekly Post #5